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Chanthaburi is called the "Garden Province" of Thailand, famous for its rich and varied fruits such as Mangosteen, Rambutan and Durian.
The province is characterized by an interior of mountains, tropical forests and scenic waterfalls, and a coastline dotted with quiet fishing villages and peaceful beaches.
Chanthaburi is also famous for its rubies and saphires, Chanthaburi town remains an important trading centre for precious stones.

Soi Dao
Soi Dao district is named after Khao (Mt) Soi Dao,(1675 m) which is the highest mountain peak in eastern Thailand.
Soi Dao District is located 70 km North of Chanthaburi Town, along highway 317 between Chanthaburi and Sa Kaeo.

The largest village in Soi Dao District is Patong village. In Patong there are Seven-Eleven, Pharmacy, Bank offices, ATM:s, Opticians, Household and Electronic Appliances, Jewelry shops, Restaurants, Coffe shops, hair dresser, Beauty salon, Spa and massage treatment, Internet cafes etc etc
There are also a daily food market where you can find cooked food, and fresh eggs, meat, seafood and of course a lot of fresh fruit, like bananas, pineapple, dragon fruit, mango, papaya, mangosteen, rambutan, tangerine, rose apple, durian etc etc

Soi Dao Hill
Villa Baansabai is located in a resort area called Soi Dao Hill, about 2 km from Patong village. Soi Dao Hill consist of 24 private owned houses, beautifully situated on a hill top with a wonderful view over the mountains. The resort have a private pool for house guest only.

How to get here
Soi Dao is easy accessable by car or bus from Bangkok. The distance from Bangkok to Soi Dao is 280 km

We can arrange a private taxi with our friend and driver, Mr Yotsawat, who takes you comfortable and safely direct from Bangkok city or Suvarnabhumi Airport to Soi Dao.
The trip takes about 3,5 hours and the price is 3000 THB/car)
Mr Yotsawat can arrange a babyseat, if required, for a small extra surcharge.

There are also minibuses which departs daily from Bangkok (Liberty Monument) to Soi Dao (4 hours/ approx 300 THB/pax)
There are also low priced long distance buses between Bangkok (Ekamai Bus Station) to Chanthaburi, where you change bus to Soi Dao (Direction: Sa Kaeo). (5-6 hours/ 50-60 THB/pax)